Clarifying Purpose in Your Current Academic Project w/ Liberating Structures

When the pandemic hit, many of you set aside academic projects to respond to campus and community needs. This pair of free, virtual Liberating Structures workshops invited participants to consider how you might carry hard won knowledge from this year into your current arts or scholarly project as we re-emerge and reconnect.

In this pair of virtual workshops with Liberating Structures leaders Anna Jackson and Fisher Qua (read an interview with them here), participants worked together to take a fresh look at commitments, projects, and responsibilities. Participants will scope out and strategically prepare for transformations in work for the coming year. By the end of the workshops, you should have a values-driven action plan as you return to your project—whether it’s an article, a dissertation, a work of art, public scholarship, digital scholarship, or a new collaboration, whatever format compels you as a means of digging into and sharing your discoveries.

Workshop dates:

Monday, June 14th, 9am – 12noon

Friday, June 18th, 9am – 12noon

Register for either or both sessions! Our one request is that you fully commit to any session for which you sign up. We encourage you to come with a project in mind that you know you want to re-engage with in the light of your hard won knowledge and perspectives from the past year. We also encourage teams or pairs of collaborators to use these sessions to examine and reinvigorate a shared project or goal.

WHAT IS LIBERATING STRUCTURES? Liberating Structures (LS) is a set of clear, easy-to-learn, and powerful practices. LS helps people—including teachers, mentors, and students—work together to discover purpose, question assumptions, learn from failure, confront biases and inequities, support one another through decision-making and hard conversations, and connect ideas with actions, problem-solving, course correction, and forward motion.

WHO CAN PARTICIPATE? We warmly welcome anyone seeking to reconnect with their own scholarly work and commitments across the disciplines to participate, including faculty, staff, and graduate students. LS can be easily adapted to any situation improved by collaborative work and learning.


1. To rethink purposes and practices of our own work

2. To grow the community of people exploring Liberating Structures as a pedagogy and educational practice

3. To further the mission of Humanities for the Public Good, an initiative supported by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to create an interdisciplinary humanities PhD.