A History of Dancing as Community with Hancher Auditorium

As a creative wing of a University that “seeks to advance scholarly and creative endeavors through leading-edge research and artistic production,” Hancher has done much to assist the creation of new pieces of performance art. It has commissioned more than 100 new works in its nearly 50 years of existence and its initiatives—such as the recent Embracing Complexity program—work to bring diverse voices to the stage.

Supporting Black Lives Through the Arts

This summer, I began my work as a summer intern at the Center for Afrofuturist Studies (CAS), an artist residency program that reimagines the futures of marginalized people by creating dynamic workspaces for artists of color. This new experience coincided with a pandemic, along with protests for racial justice and calls for the dismantlement of institutionalized racism.

Living History at the Johnson County Poor Farm

This summer, I am working with Iowa Valley Resource Conservation & Development to create an audio documentary series on their Grow Johnson County initiative, a hunger relief and educational farm initiative. Working on 5 acres of land at the Johnson County Historic Poor Farm, the project grows a variety of fruits and vegetables that go directly to local food assistance agencies across the county, which according to Iowa Valley RC&D Food Systems Director Jake Kundert is currently home to over 20,000 food insecure people.

Willa Cather and Kolaches along the Iowa Valley Scenic Byway

This summer, I am working alongside Iowa Valley Resource Conservation & Development to create a booklet that introduces readers to food traditions along the Iowa Valley Scene Byway, a 77-mile route where people of Belgian, German, Meskwaki and Czech decent (among others) live, work and eat...

Engaging Audiences; Connecting Communities

In 1871, regarding a string of public concerts held in Iowa City, composer and music educator Henry Southwick Perkins wrote that “it is a very natural sequence that these public educational efforts should find the proper elements in which to propagate in these [Midwestern] States,” a mission in which “Iowa is not [a] whit behind.”

Photo of Langston Hughes in black and white

Back to the Text

I love poetry. I love the way it looks on the page, I love the way it feels to read out loud. I love its rhythm, its images, and its power. And I love the moments when I read it with my students and it makes sense to them.