Feature: Reminding Hancher’s Supporters of their Value

On a hot summer day, I met with George and Barb Grilley over lunch to learn about the incredible work they do at Hancher. George and Barb have organized the building tour program since 2015. They recruit volunteers to lead guided tours, train volunteers, and organize weekly tours for the public. Barb told me that the best tour guides are the retired teachers because they tend to have the interpersonal and interpretive skills to put on a good tour.

Joining Johnson County’s Annual Banner Project

Since 2015, Johnson County has maintained its Welcoming America Banner Project which embraces newcomers to the area with banners hung throughout Iowa City, Coralville and Kirkwood Community College. As a part of this project, the banners for 2021 will include…

“Future Proofing” Public Engagement

As a public-facing scholar who is dedicated to revitalizing the relevance of the university in today’s world, I am researching what publicly engaged work means post-pandemic and how arts-based approaches to public engagement work could help facilitate conversations about the “future proofing” of community engagement.

The African American Museum of Iowa’s Virtual Writing Project gathers stories about 21st century activism

Think about current events taking place in our nation and our state. What does present day activism look like to you? What different types of activism have you seen and practiced in recent weeks or months? The Virtual Writing Project…