Community Participation Research

Site: The Englert Theatre

The mission of The Englert Theatre is to inspire and activate positive community growth through the arts. This includes owning, maintaining, and operating the Englert—Iowa City’s last historic theater—as a vital community arts space as well as expanding the Englert’s programming vision and collaborative efforts beyond the walls of the theater through institutional efforts like Mission Creek Festival and Witching Hour and other projects that develop through vibrant partnerships. Programming seeks a balance between familiar and unknown, emerging and established, and local and far-reaching artistry. Website:

Project: Community Participation Research

The Englert aspires to serve as a gathering and performance space where community members of all backgrounds feel comfortable and inspired. We hope that artistic and cultural experiences in our venue reaffirm patrons’ commitment to living in and engaging with Iowa City. To this end, we want to understand how we are currently serving our local citizens and how we can better serve them in the future.

What are the strengths of our offerings, engagements, and partnerships? What are our weaknesses? What can we address better, and which needs can be better met by partner organizations? What voices, perspectives, and opportunities are missing from our programs? How can we help push this community forward?

Key Responsibilities

  • Through a series of interviews and archival research, the summer intern will explore the Englert’s standing in the community.
  • The intern will design and execute a plan to engage locals from a wide variety of backgrounds.
  • The intern will seek to understand how our particular organization has both met and missed its mission.
  • The intern will research local archives to more deeply understand the relationship of the Englert and the arts scene at-large with Iowa City over the past century.
  • The internship will conclude with a presentation of findings in a format to be mutually determined between the intern and their supervisor.

Qualifications & Skills Preferred

  • Archival research
  • Interviewing and oral history
  • Passion and appreciation for arts and culture
  • Excellent oral and written communication
  • Exceptional listening and question-asking skills
  • Ability to engage with people of widely varying backgrounds

Supervisor: Andre Perry, Executive Director