POSTPONED until further notice: Graduate Student Workshop: Maximizing LinkedIn's Potential

As a cautionary measure for everyone’s health, we are postponing this workshop for the time being. We look forward to re-scheduling this workshop in the near future.

Curious about how to maximize your LinkedIn productivity, or totally unclear on where to start? Join us for a midday LinkedIn workshop (forthcoming in Spring/Summer 2020) with HPG and the Graduate College at the Obermann Center library!

For many academics, a good network of relationships focuses on disciplinary connections maintained though shared projects or occasional conferences. Yet these traditional networks, however productive for academics, are not enough to support the next generation of graduate students as they seek employment outside the ivory tower. Nor do they fully serve those who will stay at universities—a group whose work would benefit from a more diverse and public connections. This session explores the use of the LinkedIn platform as a tool for examining the way we think about our networks and relationships, presently and in the future. Come prepared to question your own assumptions about what makes a truly connected academic and how you might leverage social media platforms such as LinkedIn to create a more just, equitable, and inspiring network as an academic.

In this brown bag lunch workshop, Jen Teitle, Assistant Dean for Graduate Development and Postdoctoral Affairs, and Brady Krien, Graduate Careers and National Fellowship Advisor, will give an hour and a half (12 pm to 1:30 pm) active workshop about how to get the most out of LinkedIn. Please bring your own laptop. Having a LinkedIn account already will speed things up, but the facilitators are happy to work with you to create one if needed.