Flood Resiliency Community Engagement

Site: Iowa Valley Resource Conservation & Development 

Iowa Valley RC&D is a 501c3 nonprofit based in Amana, Iowa. The five-person team works to grow local economies, strengthen food systems, foster protection and enhancement of natural resources, and develop awareness for the arts, history, and culture. Expertise is in community food systems and placemaking.
Website https://iowavalleyrcd.org/

Project: Flood Resiliency Community Engagement

Iowa Valley RC&D is partnering with the Iowa Watershed Approach‘s Flood Resilience Team to complete a nationally significant Flood Resiliency Case Study in Vinton, Iowa. This case study includes a focus on reaching low- to moderate-income (LMI) residents through tailored activities and workshops to make sure that their experiences are included in a community action plan and that changes planned by leaders (e.g., infrastructure) consider impact to LMI populations.

We are producing an action plan that will be contingent on community events and information gathering that will occur largely during the summer of 2019, in part of which we seek an internship’s participation.

Key Responsibilities

  • Create and implement two efforts within this larger project:
    • a facilitated workshop that simulates a flood disaster
    • a historic preservation project that connects architectural history with flood resiliency

Qualifications & Skills Preferred

  • Strong communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Knowledge of community engagement strategies
  • Experience in workshop facilitation
  • Familiarity with historic preservation

Supervisor: Jessica Rilling, Executive Director for Iowa Valley RC&D and Iowa Valley Scenic Byway Coordinator