Iowa Valley Resource Conservation & Development

Internship: Food System Storyteller

Project: Creating four untold stories from the food system. Helping the public connect to their food system by documenting and sharing authentic, place-based stories from under-represented voices.

Iowa Valley RC&D’s Food in Corridor project focuses on conducting a food system assessment in Linn and Johnson counties that focuses on marginalized and under-represented voices. This assessment will be completed in the spring 2021, but so far does not include a storytelling component. This project will generate creative content to connect with the public in otherwise untold stories of individuals in the food system who have contributed to the Food in the Corridor project. During COVID-19, reaching the public has new challenges and opportunities.  

Key Responsibilities:

  • Research & Project Development – Together with Iowa Valley RC&D food system staff, the intern will research, identify, and document the stories of four individuals who have contributed to the Food in the Corridor project.
  • Stakeholder Outreach – Research, identify, and document stakeholder stories. Stakeholder interviews will take place virtually, over the phone, or with appropriate social distancing measures.
  • Generate Four Stories – The medium for recording and sharing story will be chosen based on expertise of intern (e.g., interview, photography, videography). Staff will work with the intern to not only find a “best fit” regarding the medium for the project, but will also make sure that a high-quality project can be achieved with COVID-19 restrictions in place.
  • Learn about IVRCD’s work – Participate in “lunch and learn” sessions that the supervisor will organize between IVRCD staff and the intern.

Qualifications & Skills Preferred:

  • A passion for storytelling
  • Interest in healthy and equitable food systems and immigrant populations
  • Talent in their chosen communication skill set

Supervisor: Jake Kundert, Food System Director