Multicultural Development Center of Iowa – Summer 2022 Internship

Intern focus: Racial equity research

About the organization

The Multicultural Development Center of Iowa (MDCI) is a nonprofit organization with a mission to serve the community by providing access to education and economic support to promote a multicultural society where diversity is recognized as a strength and the underrepresented have the support of a community that encourages knowledge, respect, equality, and inclusivity. Our logo is inspired by those principles and represents the growth that we strive to achieve and the diverse, inclusive, globally-connected, and economically strong communities that we support.

About the internship

With guidance from the director, this person’s research activities will focus on social justice in the local community. This can include validating economic development research that is nationally available and turning it into more localized information that can be used for funding current and future programs. MDCI is currently building an ongoing partnership with local womxn-owned business Astig Planning, specifically to create a collective focused on local inclusive economic development. The intern will support the growing project of the Connect Collective with a focus on the needs of the local BIPOC business and non-profit network through community engagement, co-hosting focus groups, and researching relevant economic and STEM inclusion items (demographic, personal stories, survey analysis, etc.).

Intern’s work responsibilities

Responsibilities will include:

  • Identify and execute relevant research opportunities regarding current and potential partners, e.g., League of United Latin American Citizens, Coralville Food Pantry
  • Connect potential partners to services
  • Develop and share stories of MDCI partners
  • Participate in organizational outreach with MDCI leadership

Qualifications & preferred skills

  • Passion for racial equity and social justice
  • Interest and/or experience in utilizing a human-centered approach to research and storytelling
  • Organized and detail-oriented

Location, hours, & reporting 

This internship reports to Tracy Jon Sargeant, MDCI founder and director, and is sited at the South District shared office of MDCI and Astig Planning. Attending some evening meetings may enhance the experience of this internship.