Promotional Campaign–Rural Historic Sites

Site: Iowa Valley Resource Conservation & Development 

Iowa Valley RC&D is a 501c3 nonprofit based in Amana, Iowa. The five-person team works to grow local economies, strengthen food systems, foster protection and enhancement of natural resources, and develop awareness for the arts, history, and culture. Expertise is in community food systems and placemaking.

Project: Promotional Campaign—Rural Historic Sites

Iowa Valley RC&D leads the Iowa Valley Scenic Byway Audio Tour, a recently developed collaboration with four community partners (Amana Heritage Society, Iowa County Historical Society, Belle Plaine Community Development, and Tama Tourism) to better connect residents and visitors to 40 historic and cultural locations. This place-based project contributes to goals in the Iowa Valley Scenic Byway Corridor Management Plan, the Iowa Valley Scenic Byway Interpretive Master Plan, and the Iowa DOT Sustainability Program. A marketing campaign for the 2019 tourism season is needed to market and promote the tour.

Key Responsibilities

  • Create and begin implementation of the campaign in a way that matches the intern’s skill sets, which may include emphasis on oral history interviews, short or long narratives, social media, videography, photography, and/or new design elements
  • Connect with site managers and community stakeholders

Qualifications & Skills Preferred

  • Strong communication skills, both written and verbal
  • A passion for storytelling
  • Interest in Iowa history
  • Talent in their chosen communication skill set

Supervisor: Jessica Rilling, Executive Director for Iowa Valley RC&D and Iowa Valley Scenic Byway Coordinator