Special Collections, University of Iowa Libraries

Internship: Brokaw Press Pass Digital Exhibit Assistant

In 2016, UI Special Collections received the papers of NBC news reporter Tom Brokaw, a collection that provides a unique look at U.S. and world history over the last several decades. Among the papers are a collection of Brokaw’s press passes dating from the 1960s through the 2000s. These press passes provide a timeline of Brokaw’s career, and a peek into major world events over the decades. Using digitized versions of these press passes, Special Collections will create an interactive online timeline that faculty can use to teach modern history, and that the community can use to learn about and reflect on the events that have shaped the world over the last 50 years. 

Special Collections seeks an intern to lead the research and writing efforts needed to prepare this exciting project to go online. Engaging with library resources, the intern will research the events represented by these press passes and construct concise commentary to accompany these digitized objects. The intern will also oversee an undergraduate assistant who will help with research and writing, and will work with the Brokaw Papers to locate and suggest digitization of supplementary materials connecting to these events. Working with Special Collections staff and the Digital Scholarship and Publishing Studio, the intern will have the opportunity to help shape this interactive digital exhibit into a useful resource for the public.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Research historical events represented by the objects in the Brokaw collection and use this research to construct brief writings accompanying digitized press passes for a digital exhibit.
  • Work with Special Collections staff to slate supplementary Brokaw Papers material for digitization and inclusion in the project.
  • Oversee an undergraduate student assistant, editing their work for online publication.
  • Work with Special Collections staff to develop print and digital promotional materials to support the new digital exhibit.

Qualifications & Skills Preferred:

  • Interest in national and world history, public history, and research practices
  • Experience with writing and editing
  • Ability to develop materials appropriate for public audiences
  • Strong communication skills

Supervisor: Elizabeth Riordan, Outreach & Engagement Librarian