Summer 2022 HPG Internships

Experiential learning is a cornerstone of the Humanities for the Public Good PhD as we create a program centered around the applied humanities. Nine internships are available for summer 2022 for UI PhD students in the humanities or humanities-adjacent disciplines. Interns will spend two summer months working with and for a campus or community partner on a specific project or area of focus. In addition to their work on site, interns also attend weekly cohort meetings and complete assignments that provide professionalizing skills and contextualize the internship experiences.

Interns should expect to work 30 hours a week for eight weeks: June 6 through July 29. (Note that the Civil Rights Heritage Center has a different schedule.) This includes approximately three hours each week dedicated to cohort meetings, writing, and other assignments. All work is intended to be completed on-site, although many positions have hybrid options. If you have a health concern and would like us to consider the option of a fully virtual internship, please note that in your application.

Interns receive $5,000 on successful completion of their position. Living allowances are provided for the out-of-town positions, and mileage compensation is available for any positions that entail travel.

The benefits of participating in this program are numerous and include developing new skills, making invaluable workplace connections, reflecting on issues related to future work, becoming part of a cross-disciplinary cohort, and applying scholarly skills to non-academic projects.