The Englert Theatre and FilmScene

Internship: Arts Access Initiative Intern

The Englert Theatre and FilmScene are committed to creating better access to the arts for Johnson County residents. Strengthen Grow Evolve (SGE) seeks to improve access and engagement with the arts for all people in our community via an Arts Access Initiative. Based on their skills and interests, the intern will provide focused work on one of these three elements of the Initiative.

  • School Districts within Johnson County Modeled after successful collaborations and outreach efforts with the Iowa City Community School District, The Englert Theatre and FilmScene will work with leadership at the Solon Community School District, Clear Creek Amana School District, and the Lone Tree Community School District to create a baseline understanding of current arts enrichment in order to establish and/or expand outreach and services for students throughout Johnson County. A summary of baseline information and planned outreach and services for students will be included with the periodic reports. 
  • Cities and Townships Initiative With the goal of increasing service to the twelve cities and twenty townships that exist within Johnson County, ticketed, non-ticketed (RSVP, reservation base, or free programming), and donor data will be analyzed by zip code over the term of this contract. The Englert Theatre and FilmScene will prepare a report detailing areas served in the county. Data will be analyzed to highlight the most underserved areas and we will meet with the leadership of these communities to determine the most effective way to serve these communities. Various barriers to participation will be established as guidelines for engagement and progress in expanding outreach and services throughout the county will be tracked. 
  • Johnson County Arts and Cultural Resource Guide In addition to Arts organizations, Johnson County is home to many distinct cultural and ethnic groups practicing common national or cultural traditions. SGE will create a countywide survey in order to establish a living resource guide of Johnson County Arts and Cultural Organizations made available to the public and directly shared with programmers throughout the county. The Englert Theatre and FilmScene will use this guide to engage groups in future programming. 

Desired Skills & Qualifications:

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Knowledge of the Iowa City community and surrounding areas
  • Experience in public engagement planning
  • Previous experience researching arts and humanities projects, artists, and organizations
  • Ability and ease to conduct informational meetings

Supervisors: Katie Roche, Director of Development, The Englert Theatre; Aislinn Conrad, Assistant Professor, School of Social Work and consultant to the Strengthen, Grow, Evolve initiative