University of Iowa Labor Center

Internship: Iowa Women in Trades Network Intern

Women and BIPOC workers continue to face systemic barriers and exclusions from skilled trade occupations and apprenticeship training programs. Resulting occupational segregation in turn contributes to the persistence of deep gender and racial wage (and wealth) gaps. In 2019, the UI Labor Center launched a new initiative to connect members of underrepresented groups with apprenticeship training opportunities in Iowa, and to promote policies that lead to equity in skilled trades training and employment. One important component of this initiative has been the creation of the first-ever Iowa Women in Trades Network. This intern will assist in further development of this program through interviews, research, education, and outreach.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Perform research
  • Develop educational tools and materials
  • Interview women in various trades about their experience
  • Create outreach materials and events in support of developing the Iowa Women in Trades Network

Qualifications & Skills Preferred:

  • Organizational leadership or organizing experience
  • Ability to interact with workers from a wide range of backgrounds
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Basic graphic design and/or social media and other digital skills relevant to creation and distribution of public promotional materials
  • Strong research and communication skills

Supervisor: Jennifer Sherer, Director, UI Labor Center