Upcoming Events

Aerial photograph of farm land creating a geometric grid of green rectangles

Summer Institute on Cross-Disciplinary Graduate Education

June 8–11, 2021 — How can cross-disciplinary, project-based courses serve graduate students across the University? This question is under investigation at the University of Iowa by both the Andrew W. Mellon-funded Humanities for the Public Good PHD initiative and the National Science Foundation NRT-Funded Sustainable Water Development Graduate Program as well as implicitly in interdisciplinary…

Podcasting with Purpose: HPG Spring 2021 Series

Calling all podcasters, podcast enthusiasts, and podcast newbies! Join HPG for a Spring 2021 series featuring expert podcasters and audio storytellers, including Annie Galvin of Public Books, Mark Riechers and Anne Strainchamps of To the Best of Our Knowledge, James Boo of Self Evident, and Rebecca Nagle of This Land.


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